Watch: Man doing inverted moonwalk underwater leaves netizens surprised

When we talk about the moonwalk dance style, it reminds us of the famous dancer Michael Jackson, who was famous for his iconic dance style.

A video has gone viral of a man doing Moonwalk upside-down underwater on the billiard table and then flipping upside-down to do the same. The ease with which he is seen performing the stunt underwater has left netizens surprised.

The video of him performing an inverted moonwalk on Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal has left MJ fans emotional.

The clip shared by Instagram user Hydroman features his moonwalk in style. According to the Instagram bio, the man is called Jaydeep Gohil and says he is “India’s first underwater dancer”.

Mr Gohil wrote, “For my audience who wanted to see my version.” He can be seen performing the moonwalk on the billiard table and then flipping upside-down to do the same.  He can be seen dancing without any oxygen cylinder.


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Posted on September 8, the video has garnered over 9 million views, 918,237 likes and 1709 comments.

Gohil’s video was bombarded with comments from his followers. A user wrote, “The deadliest moon walk i have ever seen, just blown my mind.” Another user commented, “ The great thing is we can see the smooth moon walk upside down.. The hidden thing is : The efforts, the trials, the failures and finally you made it possible… good to see someone actually doing different.”

The third user commented, “This is the real moon walk. ”

Gohil is known to perform underwater without support or an oxygen cylinder


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