WATCH: King Cobra Drinks Water From Sprite Bottle, Leaves People Amused

A touching video is now going viral on social media. It shows a king cobra drinking water peacefully from a bottle.

The video unfolds as the snake rescuer holds the snake that has been trapped in a fishing net, it is noteworthy that a king cobra is the most poisonous snake in the world.

The video is a few months old but is now being widely shared on various social media platforms.

The snake rescuer featured in this video is Mirza Arif. He is seen shifting the snake from a paddy field. The cobra is seen trapped in a net and leaves in East India.

The farmers spotted the snake and immediately called the snake rescuers.

The onlookers were surprised at the way the snake drank water when offered from a sprite bottle in a mesmerizing manner.

After drinking water the snake is completely relaxed and allows the rescuer to take care of it, as if surrendering completely.

This video is so heartwarming that netizens cannot stop gushing over it.

The video has been uploaded by ‘The Dodo’, a popular forum on YouTube that shares amazing videos on animals.

The rescuer then cuts the net around the snake, tends it and releases it into a nearby forest.


Video Credits: The Dodo

  1. Raúl says

    Where is the King Cobra snake? Misleading article just to make it catchy and deceive the readers. Irresponsible article by the writer and the editor. Shame on you.

    1. WCE 2 says

      Sir KINDLY read the article properly… You will find both the King Cobra and the video… Thanks…

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