WATCH: Kid enacts Lord Ganesha in viral video, Netizens left in awe

The viral video shows the toddler acting like Lord Ganesha before instructing his father to put him down in water.

Kids are definitely the cutest forms of living beings on earth. They often melt people’s heart with their cute and innocent actions. Videos of kids dancing, singing, and acting often make their way into the ‘viral’ category on the internet. Now in a similar video that has gone viral, we can see a kid enacting Lord Ganesha. The short clip is sure to leave you in ‘awe.’

The video of the kid enacting Lord Ganesha opens up to show the toddler being lifted up by his father. He can be seen sitting with folded legs and and hands positioned like that of an idol. The child can be heard saying, ‘Ganpati bappa morya, Managl murti morya’. Next he says ‘Paani mein Daaldo’ indicating his father to put him down. This makes the video even more wholesome.

It was shared on Instagram by an account named @safed_chehra. Take a look at the heart warming video here:

Shared on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the video went viral pretty quickly. Since getting shared, the video has already garnered over 13 million views. The video of the kid enacting Lord Ganesha has also gained over 1.4 million likes and thousands of comments.

Netizens were left in complete awe of the wholesome video. They took to the comments section of the post to share their feelings on the video. The comments included, “I do not know how how dad was calm when he said’’ pani me daal do’’ . I would be dying laughing .He achieved perfection though,” “Ganpati bappa protect him from every evil eye,” along with other comments.

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