Watch: Italian thieves steal watch at gun point, return it with an apology


Imagine being robbed at a different country, especially the one’s famous for its hospitality. Something like this happened with two Swiss tourists who were having the time of their life Italy when a thief robbed them at gun point. But what’s more surprising is that the armed goons returned the stolen item after a few minutes.

The Swiss men sat down for a drink just before midnight in Piazza Trieste e Trento on Sunday. Soon after, they were approached by a young man who pulled out a gun and held it to one of the tourist’s head and robbed his watch.

Exactly seven minutes later, another man walked into the cafe’s outdoor seating area, raised his hand and apologized to the owner of the watch before returning him the stolen item.

The surprising turn of events was captured on the CCTV camera of the bar and later got widely circulated on social media platforms.

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Take a look:

The Naples have been gaining popularity in the last few years for its hospitality, and more tourists have been flocking to the city. However, recently their has also been a rise in crimes related to thieves stealing watches from tourists, due to which netizens have requested hotels to provide plastic watches to people visiting from different regions.

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