WATCH: iPhone 11 Survives For 6 Months Underwater In A Lake, Returns To Owner

Most smartphones these days come with a water-resistant coating which makes them less vulnerable to accidental spills. However, the chances of phones surviving underwater are very less. Defying all odds an iPhone survived at the bottom of a lake for six months and still worked fine.

In a bizarre incident, an Apple iPhone 11 that accidentally fell into a lake six months ago was found with minimal damage and in perfect working condition. A diver named Clayton Helkenberg found the iPhone from the bottom of Harrison Lake in British Columbia, Canada. As soon as the diver found the phone he tried to switch on the device and was surprised to find it working.

Clayton not only retrieved the device but also went on to return it to the owner after contacting him.

The iPhone 11 belonged to Fatemeh Ghodsi, a resident of Vancouver, and had lost the phone on a boat trip in September 2020.

Besides the iPhone 11, Clayton had also retrieved a bunch of items like gopro camera, sunglasses, lighters etc.

Video Credits: YouTube/DALLMYD

This incident of the iPhone 11 surviving underwater for 6 months has yet again proved the endurance of the device. Not so long ago, an iPhone survived after falling from a skydiver’s pocket during a jump from Aircraft in Arizona, USA.

(Source: timesnownews)


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