Watch: Intense lightning strike caught on camera, video viral

A shocking incident of intense lightening strike was caught on camera while Rakesh Raut was filming the rain from his balcony in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The video captured from a high-rise building is going viral on the Internet.

In the video, a massive bolt can be seen hitting the surface not more than 200 metres away from the person recording the event. The strike was so intense that smoke can be seen rising into the air.

The video was shared by ViralHog on its YouTube channel on Tuesday. In the caption Rakesh mentioned that he was taking a nap a heavy lunch when the weather around started turning stormy. A few loud claps of thunder very close to his apartment woke him up, hence he took a look outside the window. “I got my mobile camera and began recording because a few bolts of lightning were striking very close by, but not striking the surface. I kept rolling the camera and eventually captured the major lightning strike hitting the surface at about 200 meters away from my apartment,” he wrote.

He further added to the note, “The intensity of the flash from the lightning strike was so extreme it made me feel like the strike was actually very close to my window which shook me up a bit, followed by the extremely loud clap of thunder. I saw a few people running towards safety from the strike location and heard them scream as they ran away. Thankfully no one was reported hurt in the incident.”

Watch Video Here:

Video Credit- Youtube/ViralHog

The incident occurred on May 4, 2021, in Kolhapur, but the video went viral on YouTube recently. The 49 seconds clip has garnered more than 8,629 views so far.

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