WATCH: Huge Alligator Chases Man While Fishing In Florida

A man was fishing in the Everglades wetlands preserve in Florida of United States when a huge alligator appeared from the water and started chasing him.

The horrifying incident was caught on the man’s camera and has gone viral over social media.

The man, identified as Tommy Lee, was tarpon fishing in the Everglades on May 8 when he suddenly spotted an alligator’s head from above the water surface. Tommy can be heard saying “O Jesus Christ” before realizing that the huge reptile was making its way up to the shore. As he pulled back, the 11-foot reptile glided and started chasing him.

The camera that was attached to Tommy’s body captured the moment as he takes a tumble, accidentally filming a close-up of his legs, while running away from the huge reptile. As he stands up again to capture the alligator, it was just a few feet away from him.

“Well, that put an end to my tarpon fishing… wow!”, said Tommy, known as Chum Dumpster on YouTube.

The man was seen asking the alligator to go back into the water while maintaining a safe distance from it. However, the man is forced to run back a further as the huge reptile chases him again.

When the alligator turns around to head back to the water, the fisherman approaches it by calling out, “Hey buddy.” But it returns to the water, to which Tommy said, “I am out of here, screw that.”

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