Watch Hilarious Video Of Monkey Selling Vegetables At Roadside Shop


Funny videos of animals was always seen on the internet every now and then. Now a new video of a monkey who appears to be selling vegetables at a roadside shop has emerged online.

The video shows a monkey sitting at the roadside amid a pile of different vegetables with a weighing scale beside him. And he is inspecting the vegetables from one side to the other like a shopkeeper.

Its really hilarious how the monkey seems like he sitting there to sell vegetables. The funny video has left netizens in splits. The video has gone viral on social media.

Here is the video:

The video has already been viewed more than 70,000 on YouTube.

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The video was posted on YouTube by a user named YP Dose Of Internet and he captioned the video as “Monkey (Baboon) selling Vegetables.”

There were many videos where monkeys were seen doing funny things one such viral incident happened in 2019. Where a monkey was seen shopping online using a phone of a zookeeper in China.

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The monkey took the zookeeper’s phone when she had gone to get some food for the animal and left her phone in the office.

At that time, the monkey managed to steal the phone and managed to open an e-commerce site and order many things online.

The incidenttook place in Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou in Jiangsu province of China.

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