WATCH Hilarious Video: Girl dancing while withdrawing money from ATM goes viral

When salary gets credited in your account, there is sense of joy and happiness and when you get that cash in your hands, you get more delighted and such video of a girl withdrawing cash from ATM and dancing uncontrollably with immense joy has surfaced on social media.

A CCTV footage of the girl having her moment of celebration along while inside the ATM kiosk has gone viral on social media.

Watch the Viral video here:

The video shows a girl wearing a black top and a black face mask dance standing inside the ATM booth, withdrawing some money. As she starts to use the ATM machine, she can be seen busting out some amazing and energetic moves.

In the end of the video when she is done withdrawing money, she can be seen bowing to the ATM machine in gratitude.

The exact reason for the girl’s excitement is still unknown, but the netizens could relate it with their payday.


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