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Heartwarming video: Turkish man feeds stray dog outside of shop, it dances with joy

Some heroes don’t wear capes. They don’t show off their good work or ask for credit. They simply enjoy the small joys in the act of giving selflessly. In a world where everyone hopes for a better tomorrow but no one really cares much to do something for that, a Turkish man feeds stray animals every day in front of his shop.

Identified as Ikram Korkmazer, who owns a meat shop named Yeim Et Galerisi, makes sure that no furry friend goes back hungry from his doors.

Iram frequently shares videos of the dogs and cats eagerly waiting at the entrance of his shop for a meal. The kind man never refuses them. In his latest video on Instagram, a stray dog can be seen wagging its tail as it sees the man walking towards it with a tray full of food. Ikram shared the post with the caption, “Friends at the door.”

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A post shared by İkram Korkmazer (@ikramkorkmazer)

So far the video has garnered more than 10k likes and hundreds of comments praising the man for his good deed. Several people just filled the comments section with heart emojis.

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