WATCH: Heartmelting! Woman Teaching Dogs To Pray Before Meal

In this hour of pandemic, where everyone is so stressed and tensed, people are resorting to some light filled content and there are still some videos that touches your heart.

Here is an adorable video, of a woman teaching her pet puppies to pray before a meal which will touch your soul and bring a smile on your face.

The video is being viral. In the 30 second video, two Labrador puppies are waiting eagerly near their feed bowls where their owner has folded her hands and chanting some mantras. At one point of time, you can see one of the dog having a tough time to control his/her urge. But after completing her prayer, she signaled both the pups and they proceeded towards their bowls.

“Sharing this heartwarming video of my friend teaching her pups to say their prayers before food, Me thinks both are good boys,” Vaishali Mathur said in the caption of her post.

The clip was posted on May 1 and has garnered 3220 likes and 549 retweets. The Netizens cant get enough of the video and have posted their comments.


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