Watch: Girl performs belly dance on ‘Namak Ishq Ka,’ her graceful moves impresses netizens

A video of a girl belly dancing to the popular Hindi song 'Namak Ishq Ka’' has surfaced online and it has left netizens impressed

Among the many dance forms is ‘Belly Dance’ which emerged in Egypt. This includes movements of the hips and torso. Albeit being a graceful form of dance that judges one’s capability to control their body parts and move them as per the beats it has been frowned upon by the Indians. It is because the Indian audience is yet not completely open to women dressing in revealing attires that let them flaunt their waist as they make the moves. However, nowadays, youngsters have been breaking the stereotypes and leading a more open-minded life including accepting and mastering such dance forms.

Now, a video of a girl belly dancing to the popular Hindi song ‘Namak Ishq Ka’’ from the 2006 hit Omkara has surfaced online. Needless to say, her serene performance has highly impressed the Internet.

Shared on YouTube by Nrityangana Manisha, the video shows the dancer performing a sizzling dance on the song ‘Namak Ishq Ka’. The girl compliments each and every beat of the song and her synchronization with the song is making the audience go berserk.

Watch Video Here:

So far, the clip has garnered more than 42k views and the number keeps rising. People filled the comment section with compliments and praises for the performer.

“U r really awesome” wrote one user, and another commented, “Fabulous.” Similarly, others wrote, “You are so amazing,” “Perfect dancer,” “elegent,” etc.

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