Watch Girl Doing Gymnastics In A Saree, Can You Do This Gravity-Defying Act ?

Have you ever tried doing gymnastics wearing a saree, but this girl did it and the act is so mesmerizing that you will want to watch it on repeat. The viral video of the beautiful girl doing gymnastics while wearing a saree has enthralled many citizens.

In the video, a girl was seen effortlessly performing perfect backflips flips continuesly while wearing a beautiful purple color saree which many may think impossible. The girl does the act with style.

The amazing girl in the video is a renowned gymnast named Parul Arora

The video was posted in Twitter by an user named Aparna Jain. Aparna shared the video with the caption “Watched it thrice just to see how the saree defied gravity”.

Here is the video:

This is not the only time Parul Arora was seen doing this act. She is known for her gymnastic prowess wearing a saree and her videos have gone viral earlier as well.


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Generally people find it difficult to do sport activity in saree and other traditional wears and deemed it uncomfortable but this girl defied all that thought and showed the world that all their thought are wrong.

The video has gone viral in internet. After the video was posted on Twitter, it got over 5 lakh views and counting. Netizens were stunned by the girl’s amazing feat and shared their thoughts.

“The act is perfect but I love that pride, the smile, the satisfaction on her smile, that confidence after it’s over. Those are winners,” one user said.

Another user said,” What an awesome lady! The saree makes even the flips look so elegant. More power to her.”

while another said, “U literally killed it in saree……… awesome”.

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