Watch: Girl dances in front of buffalo, what happened next will leave you giggling

In today’s viral video, a girl can be seen dancing in front of a buffalo for no reason. However what happened next is just too funny to miss. It is often said that one should not show red flag to a bull, it angers them. But it seems like this girl did not understand this as she intentionally teases a buffalo by dancing in front of it.

In the now-viral clip, the girl first reaches to feed the buffalo. She puts fodder in the cistern before dancing crazily in front of the animal. Probably, she was trying to impress the buffalo. But, the mammal did not seem to have liked the performance, as it pushed the girl with its head making her fall.

Shared on Instagram page with the handle ‘psycho_biihari,’ the video has garnered more than 443k views and a ton of comments. The caption in the post read, “Aa Bhains meri maar (Come buffalo hit me)”

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Netizens are amused by the video as they filled the comment section with funny replies. One comment read, “Can’t stop laughing” and another person asked, “Janwar Ke saamne Naachkar Kya milega ise?”

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