Watch: German Shepherd saves 6 year old boy from getting mauled by neighbour’s dog

You might have come across numerous videos showcasing the pure bond between a dog and its human friend. While some of these clips leave us cheerful, others have the tendency to melt hearts. In the light of it, yet another video of a canine proving its loyalty to its human has surfaced online, and is worth watching.

The CCTV footage of the incident was shared on YouTube by channel named ‘BeastEater.’ In the clip, a pet German Shepherd named ‘Tank’ can be seen playing with a 6-year-old in front of their house. Suddenly the neighbour’s dog comes running, dashing towards the boy. However, Tank did not waste a second and jumped in front of the other dog to protect the child.

Soon, the neighbour ran over to grab his dog and ended the fight between the dogs. Meanwhile, the six-year-old’s mother also rushed to the aid of her son.

Watch Video Here:

The video was originally shared on Tiktok by the toddler’s mother, where she described the Tank as ‘a highly skilled professional home security officer.’ She also said that her neighbour’s dog randomly charged at her son and Tank saved him from getting mauled or worse.

The video has garnered more than 38k views so far, and tons of comments as netiznes couldn’t stop praising Tank. However, some thought that the video was misleading, and the neighbour’s dog was actually intending to play with them and not harm them. “He was playing with the dog, not attacking the” wrote one user and another comment read, “I don’t know, it looked more like the neighbor’s dog wanted to play fight the German Shepard to me, but didn’t commit. Sure the boy was scared, but dogs seek to dominate other dogs, where ever they are. If it was a fight, the dogs would’ve been more committed to attacking, and ignoring their masters’ commands.”

A third comment read, “Oh my god that Would be so scary… Adorable so strong Shepherd saved the kid. I don’t know that the Black dog wanted to play but it doesn’t looks like he wants.”

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