Watch: Fearless woman walks in Jungle with a group of lionesses; video viral

All of us are familiar with Mowgli and Tarzan, and how Disney created a fantasy world making us believe that life in the Jungle is not only possible but also isn’t as crazy as we think. Today’s story seems straight out of a Disney movie, as a woman can be seen strolling along a jungle path with a group of lionesses. The video has left the netizens shocked, and wondering if the movie characters are not mythical anymore.

Shared on Instagram by Safari Gallery, a clip from Africa shows a woman in Africa walking with a group of lionesses. As the video goes along, the woman can be seen walking behind the lionesses and even holding the tail of one.

The caption on the post read, “Do one thing every now & then that scares the life out of you. Would you try this?”

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So far, the video has garnered more than 251k views and several comments asking questions about the woman in the video.

According to the reports, the woman is not a resident of any villages situated near the jungle or a wildlife enthusiast. The woman is identified as Skye, and is in fact a luxury traveller according to her Instagram bio.

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  1. Dustin W says

    The majority of the lions seem to be cubs, I’m not saying what she did isn’t impressive because it is I’m just not convinced that these are wild animals. They seem to be somewhat tamed.

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