Watch: Father’s surprise visit to daughter in Canada melts Internet

A heart melting video that shows a father's extraordinary efforts to make his daughter smile has recently gone viral on the internet

People usually shift to other locations in search of jobs or to pursue studies. Sometimes, they even move abroad to achieve their goals. But there is something that we always crave, and that is our parents. Seeing them or meeting them after a long time even makes our eyes fill with tears. Now a video of the same is going viral, in which a father surprises his daughter, who is living in Canada.

In the viral video, an Indian father can be seen showing up at a store where his daughter works. The daughter, who apparently has no clue about her father’s visit, is visibly surprised as she hides her face after seeing her dad. The man reaches to his daughter and shares a warm hug with her.

The father-daughter duo starts crying as they meet each other after a year and six months.

The video was shared on Instagram by Shrutva Desai, with the caption, “My heart skipped a beat when my papa surprised me with a visit all the way from India to Canada! It was the most incredible moment that I’ll always cherish. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with emotion when my papa walked through the door. I couldn’t believe he had travelled all that way just to see me! I feel so lucky to have such an incredible dad, I love you so much papa.”


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Ms. Desai shared this video earlier this month, and the clip has received more than 1.6 million views and over 198,000 likes. Netizens flooded the comment section with all kinds of reactions.

One user wrote, “Every international student want that.” Another wrote, “God bless! After so many years and so many stories about this song. Still makes eyes moist. Wish no father has to ever part from his daughter.”

A third user commented, “The sigh of relief you get when you see your parents after being alone, struggling in a different country, managing your own shit without much support, making mistakes, achieving your goals. Nothing is more peaceful than their comforting hugs and kisses.”

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