Watch: Father catches daughter stealing food from kitchen, video gone viral

All of us like to enjoy funny cats and dog’s videos on the internet. Such videos boost us with positive energy and leave us giggling over the funny acts. Baby videos are just another topic that tickles our senses to an extreme.

One of such extremely adorable videos of a toddler stealing snacks from the kitchen has gone viral after her father posted it on his Instagram page. The video of the toddler repeatedly stealing snacks from the kitchen was captured and posted in her father’s Instagram handle ‘snackbandits_dad’.

Among many other videos of his daughter being caught after stealing snacks from him, he recently posted yet another video with the caption, “She found my stash of snacks.” In the video, the cute little girl, is captured running towards him with a rice crispies.

Few days ago, he shared a similar video where the girl can be seen being caught him with a box of cereal that she was munching-on in her bathroom. He captioned the video as, “Not the Scooby snacks lil girl. “

Look at her reaction, and how she cutely smiled at the camera after she dropped the box:

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