Watch: Elderly woman grooves to ‘Piya tu ab toh aaja,’ netizens love her energy

The video was shared by Instagram user Manisha Kharsyntiew, with the caption, "Happy Mother's Day, mei mummy rock me shock."

People often measure their lives with their age, whereas age is just a number. If you are still in doubt, then this viral video of an elderly woman dancing to “Piya tu ab to aaja” will surely make you believe.

In the viral clip, a group of ladies can be seen dancing at an event. Where an elderly woman comes forward and starts grooving to the beats of Helen’s ‘Piya tu ab to aaja” with her exuberance and infectious energy. With a big smile on her face, she danced her heart out, and guests cheered and danced along with her.

The viral video was shared by Instagram user Manisha Kharsyntiew on May 14, with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day, mei mummy rock me shock,” Since being shared, the clip has received over one lakh likes and more than 1 million views. Her child-like excitement and adorable smile have left users in awe.

One user commented, “I am speechless. This is really too good.” A second added, “Love you aama, for your energy level, your dance, your expressions, your moves, and everything. Hats off aama.” “Inspirational act to show enjoy life to fullest, age is just a number,” said yet another user.

This iconic track, Piya Tu Ab To Aaja, from the 1971 Bollywood movie Caravan, featuring Helen in the visuals, was composed by the legendary RD Burman. With Asha Bhosle’s captivating vocals, the song takes on a magical quality, evoking emotions and creating an enchanting atmosphere.

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