Watch: Doggo bows before Lord Ganesha in viral video, leaves netizens in awe

Internet is the power house of animal videos. While some make us laugh with their cute and funny acts, some leave us bawling because of their heartwarming gestures. In light of it, social media has once again light up with touching video of a dog bowing down before a Ganesha idol outside a temple. The clip is going viral on the Internet, and is too cute to miss.

Shared on Instagram by a page named Pure Thrift, the video shows a dog bowing down outside the temple as a sign of respect. Meanwhile, the man accompanying the pooch could also be seen paying his respects in a standing position while the canine was seen lowering its head and touching the ground with the bottom of its face.

Take a look:


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So far, the video has garnered more than 1.9 million views and tons of comments. One person wrote, “Awwwww he is been given such a beautiful education” and another comment read, “Bappa k saamne toh sabhi jeev jhukenge.”

However, many were also very quick to point out that the person with the dog did not remove his shoes before getting closer to the lord’s idol. Comment like, “With shoes is wrong,” “Please remove shoes” and With shoes?, filled a part of the comment section as netizens were not happy with the man’s act.

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