Desi dadi’s alcohol consumption tips leaves the Internet in awe, watch funny video

In a viral video, a desi dadi can be seen explaining types of alcohol and when should one consume it. The last punch line will surely leave you giggling.

The internet is always filled with content of entertainment. Every now and then, we come across viral videos and photos that leave us amazed. One such entertaining video we have for you features an old lady. Wondering what did an old lady do to grab the internet’s attention? Read to know.

The video in question was shared on Instagram back in the month of September by an account named ‘Wanderer RH’. In the video, the old lady is seen explaining types of alcohols and when is one expected to consume what type. The video is extremely funny to watch and is sure to get you rolling on the floor, laughing!

In the clip begins with the old woman describing, “when should you drink rum? jab dil me gum (when your heart’s upset).” She adds, “When should you drink whisky? jab love lage risky (when love feels risky).”

Right when her poetic definition of alcoholic beverages started taking a poll on the viewer’s mind, she strikes her best punch by saying, “But shall I tell you what you men like? Pio wine and maaro line (Drink wine and flirt).”

Take a look at the video here:


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Upon being shared on September 30, the video has gained over 6.4 million views and more than 350k likes. It has left the netizens in splits. The comments section has been lauded with several comments as well. The comments mostly included ones like “Yo dadi,” “You rock dadi,” and “Dadiji rocks.” One user even commented sarcastically, asking, “And when should u drink beer?”

Rocking Dadi indeed!

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