Watch: Cute kitten plays game on iPad, adorable video delight viewers

Internet is a storehouse of funny and adorable videos, most of which are of kids and animals. These videos works like pills of happiness and stress relievers. It can uplift one’s mood, doesn’t matter how bad it is. Just like the now viral video that showcases a kitten playing games on an iPad. Originally shared on TikTok and later on Reddit, the video is super adorable and can surely make anyone’s day.

The clip begins with a little kitten sitting in front of an iPad. The kitty then becomes curious and starts touching the objects appearing on the screen. As a result, the munchkin starts enjoying the game and plays it like a pro.

At one point in the video, the kitten even touches the iPad in a certain way that it looks like it is trying to correct the position of the table. However throughout the video, the little fur ball can be seen playing the game excitedly.

“Graceful hunting practice. ” reads the caption on the video.

Take a look:

The video has garnered more than 65,000 upvotes and tons of reactions. One comment read, “I like his little breaks too scratch and squiggle” and another user wrote, “He hasnt quite figured out hunting yet but the lil guy is trying his best.”

Some even talked about how it tried to put the iPad back in position. “The way that little kitten evens the iPad back out, amazingly cute” read one comments.

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