Watch: China couple’s innovative way of protecting themselves from Covid-19

A couple can be seen completely encasing one another in a plastic wrap to protect themselves of getting infected to Covid-19

The sudden rise of Covid-19 associated with Omicron BF.7 mutation, has induced people to take as many precautionary measures in order to avoid waiting in the queues at overcrowded hospitals. In light of it, a recent video has gone viral in the social media showing that Chinese people have turned to their own solutions in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak.

The video displays a couple protecting themselves in a creative way from getting infected to Covid while purchasing vegetables at the market. It can be seen that the couple had wrapped themselves with a plastic wrap from top to bottom, which is supported by the man’s umbrella. The couple interacted with people while staying inside the improvised “shield” without initiating a direct contact.

The clip was shared on the official site of Twitter by People’s Daily China with the caption, “A Chinese couple takes self-protection to another level…”

Take a look:

So far, the post has garnered more than 33.6k views and the count keeps increasing. Impressed by the couples innovative method, netizens flocked to the comment section with their reactions.

Here’s how netizens reacted:

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