WATCH: CCTV footage prompts woman to call a priest after spotting a shadowy figure

If horror movies keep you hooked to the screen, then this spooky CCTV footage from Glasgow definitely will.

Maxine Hughes from Barrowfield was terrified by a strange hazy shadow captured on the surveillance camera of their house. She spotted the shadow near the caravan parked in her garden.

But the spooky scenes didn’t just stop at a one-off incident. Maxine Hughes claims that there were multiple unexplained sightings of the shadowy figure. Before she had also spotted it circling around the garden while her children were playing outside.

Maxine Hughes and her partner were so scared by these strange activities captured on the surveillance camera that they decided to call a priest to ‘bless the house’.

As we know, interesting visuals never fail to catch social media’s attention and so did this one. This footage of the ‘shadowy figure’ was posted on Facebook by Maxine’s sister Nicki Mulheron. Since then, it has garnered lakhs of views on social media.

You also watch and let’s know what you think of this video.

Video credit: Kaiyum

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