WATCH: Cat’s unique action after dinner delights internet!

If you've got a cat, you'll surely know about their attitude, and there's a hilarious viral video that perfectly captures this feline mood.

If you’ve got a cat, you probably know they’ve got a bit of an attitude, especially when it comes to food. They’ve got that “The Heart Wants What It Wants” vibe, just like Selena Gomez sings. And there’s a hilarious viral video on Instagram that perfectly captures this feline mood.

In the video, you see the cat, all sassy, finishing up her meal. But here’s where it gets funny. After the last bite, the cat doesn’t just quietly walk away. No, she takes her paw and casually flips her empty plate into the air. It lands on the floor with a noisy flap, like a mic-drop moment. It’s her way of saying, “I’m done here, folks!” Cats sure know how to keep us entertained!

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Since being posted on September 4, the video has almost garnered more than 2.1 million views and 325K likes. The video also gained numerous comments.

One user commented, “she got some skills tho flipped that plate perfectly.”

Another wrote, “Kitty said “This was s’gusting! I need to see the manager!” A third user wrote, “The Queen is ready for her servant to pick that plastic dish up! Talented kitty!”

“I’m done get this plate outta here. Now,” commented a fourth user.

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