Watch: Cat befriends rat in viral video, owner disappointed!

People often pet dogs and cats for certain reasons. Apart from being cute cuddly buddies, they can sometimes prove to be live savers. However, even though one doesn’t need it often, the expectation of these pets being able to chase away rats at home or keep the cattle in line, etc always remains. With a similar viewpoint, a cat’s owner hoped his fur baby would hunt the huge rat living in his garden. But, what the cat did was unexpected. The video of the incident has gone viral on the Internet and is too cute to miss.

In a video shared on NDTV, originally shared on Reddit, the feline can be seen hugging the rodent and cleaning it like a child. The caption on the post read, “When you get a cat hoping it will help you get rid of the big rat in your yard.”

Watch Video Here:

The video has left the Internet gushing over the cuteness in the friendship between the cat and the rat. Several internet users were amused by the kitten’s behaviour. One comment read, “Good news is you don’t have to worry anymore, they got an apartment together,” and another joked, “Bad news: it’s your apartment and you need to move.”

Take a look at some reactions:

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  1. FWK says

    You look after yr cat the cat looks after the rat. Survival for all

  2. Elizabeth Lewis says


  3. ADNAN says

    Since we lost trump in election
    We can’t control any behave
    Every behavior change

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