Watch: Bulldozer falls into water as bridge collapses, driver escapes

India is a developing country, many places are yet to see improvement. Government is trying to bring changes around the nation with broader roads, posh infrastructure, over-bridges for easier commute, etc. In light of it, a bulldozer driver faced an one in the lifetime experience during the demolition of a bridge over the Ganga Canal in Uttar Pradesh. The driver had a narrow escape during the undergoing work, when the bridge suddenly collapsed into water along with the machine.

A video of the incident has gone viral on all social media platforms. In the short clip shows a bulldozer stationed at the rickety and narrow bridge in Muzaffarnagar district, trying to demolish a part of the structure. As the machine strikes the old infrastructure, the whole bridge crashed into the water and so does the bulldozer.

However, the driver luckily escaped to safety through the troubled water, leaving the vehicle flipped upside down in the canal. Later, he was rescued by the police with the help of the locals.

According to the sources, the bridge that collapsed into the water was 100-year-old and the demolition work was being carried out as part of the Panipat-Khatima Highway project.

Watch Video Here:

(Video credit- Twitter/ THE NEW INDIAN)

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