Watch: Bride slaps groom twice on stage as he tries to garland her

In a very strange incident, a bride slapped her would-be husband not once but twice on stage when he was trying to garland her.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur district on Saturday evening, the marriage ceremony was attended by hundreds of guests.

In the viral video, the stage is all set for the wedding and guests are in full swing. The groom proceeds to garland the bride, when she suddenly slapped the groom twice.

The second slap landed when the confetti canon went off in front of guests.

Soon after slapping the groom, the bride stormed off stage. The man stood still in front of his guests who were stunned.

The bride was later identified as Reena, who was getting married to Ravikant Ahirwar, a resident of Jalaun district’s Chamari village.

Later, the wedding finally took place after the local police and family members intervened to contain the situation.

  1. Shruti says

    You dumb idiots, there was absolutely no need to display the groom’s full name. You mentioned first name of the bride then why on earth you mentioned groom’s full name. Even though it doesn’t matter for us, it does to him.

    1. Hh says

      Actually it is the groom’s fault for pressurising the marriage on her. He put the garland when she wasn’t looking.

    2. Subir Paul says

      There was no need to publish this news at all. It seems like the whole purpose of publishing this news is mockery

  2. Obas says

    The real fool there is the groom, not the writer.
    How will any body with their right sense continue with a marriage like that?

  3. Vignash says

    What a mentally ill bride. She should’ve been locked up in mental asylum instead of given in marriage. Girls behaviour is getting out of hand in this country far cry from father’s generation.

  4. VishRaj says

    Even after the incident girl is forced to marry the same guy and vice-versa ..Is it true! . whatever will happen next nobody cares?

  5. Ranjith says

    Omg…Why did they even got married…if she was capable of walking out, she could have done that simply.. with self respect he must have walked out and file a case against that arrogant pig..

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