Watch Breath Stopping Video! Snake Catcher Narrowly Escapes Being Bitten By Huge King Cobra

A breath-stopping video has recently gone viral on different social media platforms. The 37-second video of the incident, reportedly took place at a forest in Shivamogga district of Karnataka. In the video, a snake-catching expert is seen narrowly escaping from being bitten by a huge King Cobra.

News agency ANI has shared the video on its Twitter account. Two snake-catching experts are trying to catch a King Cobra which had hidden in the trunk of a tree near a waterbody.

While one snake catcher is holding the tail of the deadly snake, another person is trying to catch the snake’s mouth with the help of a rod. However, the reptile repeatedly tried its best to sting him following which he falls down. Luckily, the other member comes to his rescue and both of them could finally catch the snake. The snake catcher would have died all of a sudden had he been bitten by the King Cobra.

The video has got mixed reactions from the social media users. A section of the people was seen appreciating the snake helpline members, but others questioned their preparedness to catch such poisonous snake.

Here are some of the comments the video has received from Twitter users.

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