Watch: Brazil man sets new world record by rope-walking between two hot air balloons

Internet is filled with amazing videos, some can make you cry and some can make you laugh very hard. However, some may leave you awestruck. In a similar light of events, an astonishing video of a man walking midair in a rope tied to two hot air balloons has surfaced online.

Rafael Zugno Bridi of Brazil has set a new world record by walking on rope midair at an altitude of 1901 metres or 6,326 feet. With the completion of the highest rope-walk done ever, he got his name registered in the Guinness World Records. The video showcasing the event was posted by GWR on their official Instagram handle. It was later shared on several social media platforms and rapidly went viral online.

“Highest slackline walk – 1,901 m (6,236 ft) by Rafael Zugno Bridi,” reads the caption by GWR.

Watch Video Here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 860k views and hundreds of comments by netizens expressing their amazement over Rafael’s incredible act. One person wrote, “Now THIS is a record!! Who cares about piano keys or rubber chicken throws or stacking m&m’s” and another comment read, “Now this is a note worthy world record.”

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