Watch: Bengaluru’s ragpicker speaking fluent english, video viral

A woman who works as a ragpicker has stunned the netizens for her English speaking skills and soulful voice. In the video posted on Instagram by Shachina Heggar on August 11 and has garnered more than 10k views so far.

Heggar uploaded two videos back to back of the woman. In the first clip the woman introduces herself with a small jingle sung in fluent English, and identifies herself as Cecilia Margaret Lawrence.

Shachina uploads the video with the caption, “She s a Performer,” followed by a red heart. Along with that she also marks the video with a personal comment that reads, “The way she introduces herself between singing.”

Take a look at the video to get surprised:


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The second video is uploaded with the caption, “Stories are always around you. All you need to do is just stop and look around. Some beautiful and some painful, but hey, whats life without a few flowers… Want to get in touch with this amazingly spirited lady.. If any of you see her please get in touch with us.

This amazing video shows Cecilia with a bright flower tucked in her hair, and a blue saree wrapped around her. She can also be seen carrying a Bible that she promptly shows when Heggar asks her if she is alone, and says that God is always with her.

Moreover, she also mentions about her time in Japan and claims to have lived there for seven years.

The video has caught the attention of netizens and left all in surprise, take a look:


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