Watch: Anand Mahindra shares video of woman who drove alone to Qatar

Naaji Noushi travelled from India to Argentina to watch her favourite player, Lionel Messi to lift the world cup trophy.

A mother of five from Kerala traveled alone from India to Qatar in her Mahindra Thar to watch the final’s of FIFA World Cup 2022. As a tremendous Messi and Argentina admirer as well as a huge fan of driving to different destinations, the woman decided to take on this once in a lifetime adventure. She documented her journey and later shared it on her social media handle.

Naaji Nooushi, reportedly, set off on a 3000 kilometre road trip from Kerala to the Mumbai port. She and her Mahindra Thar landed in Mumbai and sailed to Muscat, Oman from where she started her journey to Qatar. After reaching the country Naaji converted her Omani driving license to an international driving license and headed out on her journey. She documented her entire journey on her YouTube and other social media handles. She met many admirers along the route who appreciated and respected her efforts.

The chairman of Mahindra group Anand Mahindra recently shared a post on his Twitter handle, honouring the efforts of Naaji, who drove a Mahindra Thar from India to Qatar in order to watch Messi play in the FIFA World Cup Championship 2022. He posted the tweet with a video and a caption that read,“Glad I waited before sharing this video. With Argentina’s & Messi’s triumph, her epic journey was a triumph too! I salute Naaji Noushi & her intrepid spirit of adventure. Thank you for your confidence in the Thar. A car that cheers people with courage & curiosity about the world.”

Watch the video here:

So far, the post has garnered 200.2k views and the count keeps increasing. Impressed by the efforts of the women, netizens flocked to the comment sections with their reactions.

Here’s how the netizens reacted:

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