Watch: Anand Mahindra shares video of fans celebrating FIFA World Cup in Kerala

The video seems to have clips from several parts of the country. Aerial shots of many people revealing themselves on roads get featured in the clip.

As FIFA World Cup has almost reached an end, fans around the world are celebrating the victory of their favourite teams entering the finals. In light of it, Industrialist Anand Mahindra shared a video of Argentina and Brazil football fans celebrating and supporting their teams on the streets of Kerala.

India might not have been a part of the FIFA World Cup, but that has made no difference for the football fans in the nation. Although India’s soccer national team could not qualify for the World Cup this year, the passion for the game still remains among its fans in the country. The businessman, who himself appears to be a fan of football, shared a glimpse of the magnificent fandom in the country. In the clip, a group of fans of Argentina and Brazil can be seen celebrating the team’s selection in the finals.

The 57-second video features several people donned in the jerseys of their favourite teams to support them. They hit the streets to celebrate the progress. The video is a merge of several clips from different parts of the country, most of which were from Kerala.

While sharing the post Anand Mahindra wrote, “Fans of Argentina are celebrating. (Brazilian fans in the crowd too, but obviously they’re not too happy) The interesting thing is that these fans are in India. We may not have shown our merit in Football yet, but if there was a World Cup for ‘Fanball’ we would be in the running…”

Watch the video here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 1.8 million views and thousands of reactions. “I saw the great fanbase of football in Kerala. On the way to Kochi – Trivandrum there were at least 6-7 coffee shops where Messi’s hoarding was placed. India would certainly win the fanbase world cup!!” one user wrote. 

Another user commented, “India have the most potential energy to affect the world’s energy.. ‘India matters, Indian matters’ Even from out of the field.”

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