WATCH: Amusing Replica of Statue of Liberty in Punjab, See How Internet Reacts

If someone wants to visit New York USA to see the Statue of Liberty, he can cancel this travel plans. Instead, he can go to the Punjab. The people of Tarn Taran area have done a great job. They have built a replica of the Statue of Liberty, one of the world’s seventh most beautiful building, on top of a building under construction.

A video of this replica has gone viral on social media. It can be seen that local people have installed a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the roof of the building under construction. The video shows the entire building. It also shows a crane under the building under construction.
A person named Alok Jain posted the video on social media (formerly Twitter). In it, he wrote, the third Statue of Liberty has been installed in an area of Punjab.

After that, many social media users commented on the video. Already the video has been viewed 1 lakh 20 thousand times. Responding, one user wrote, “it must be a water tank”. You will see airplanes, SUVs ( Sports Utility Vehicles ) and various shapes of water tank in Punjab.
Another social media user wrote, “They should build Niagara Falls.” So that Canada is not lest out of these works of art.

Another commented, “People can now tour that house to see the Statue of Liberty. There is no need to go to the United States anymore. According to media reports, videos and pictures of water tanks of various types and even animal shapes on the roofs of various houses in Punjab have already gone viral on social media. Airplanes, shops, water tanks shaped like kangaroos and horses have been seen in these houses.

People in remote areas of Punjab often make water tanks like footballs, religious symbols, car etc, to highlight their faith, wealth, interest, profession etc. Photographer Rajesh Bara was saying that aircraft –shaped water tanks are seen in various areas of Punjab recently. Such a tank may have been made on the roof of the house to inform that the people of Punjab have become successful and wealthy on foreign soil.


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