Watch: Alligator jumps off water, snatches little boy’s fish

In a spine chilling video, an alligator rushes out of the water and grabs the fish caught by a seven-year-old boy in the US state of Florida. The terrifying moment which was caught on camera and is doing rounds on social media.

The short clip was posted to Facebook by Sean McMahon as the incident took place in Palm Coast, Florida.

In the video, Sean’s son Dawson can be seen fishing in the pond in their backyard. As Dawson catches a fish and trying to bring the fish to the shore of the pond, an alligator jumped at the fish and snatched it from the fishing rod.

As the video ends, McMahon and his boy can be heard saying “Oh my god”. The alligator swims way from the scene, while the father-son duo are left stunned.

Watch the video: 


The video of the incident has gone viral and has garned 1.2k shares and 249 comments till date.

While many netizens posted their thoughts in the comments section of Sean McMahon’s post. One user wrote, “Where there is water here in Florida, there are alligators. Be very careful and cautious while fishing.”

Another wrote, “Good thing the child dropped the rod”.

Third user wrote, ” Omg my heart!!! I would have had a legit heart attack if I was there! Also, what lake is this??”.

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