Watch: Adorable video of little girl covering sleeping dog with blanket goes viral, Internet is in awe

The Internet is filled with adorable videos of babies who often do something unexpected out of their innocence and melt the hearts of thousands. Some babies have the opportunity to grow up with a pet, from a very young age they learn to love animals and share a great bond with them. In the light of it, a video of a cute toddler has gone viral for her kindness towards her pet dog.

In the adorable video, a cute little baby girl can be seen covering her pet dog with a blanket as he sleeps. The clip begins by showing a bulldog dozing off on a carpet. The little girl can be seen bringing two small blankets, one for her furry friend and another for her. She then covers the canine with one blanket and spread the other one over the carpet before lying on it.

She also pats and caresses the dog like a baby, and sits next to him as he sleeps.

The video was shared on Twitter by a handle named Bulldog Lover along with the caption, “Every kid should have a dog.”

Watch Video Here:

So far, the video has garnered more than 321k views and tons of comments. “It’s heartwarming to see kids giving so much love and respect to animals good people are kind people,” wrote one user and another comment read, “How absolutely sweet and precious.” Many also lauded her parents for teaching her to be so kind.

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