Watch Adorable Video Of A Cute Dog Shaking Hands, Blessing Devotees Outside Temple

A viral video has emerged on facebook in which a cute dog was seen shaking hands and blessing devotees outside a temple in Maharashtra.

The video was shared by a users named Arun Limadia on Sunday on his Facebook page. Arun shared two videos of the dog on this social media platform.

The incident took place outside Siddhivinayak temple in Siddhatek in Maharashtra.

The video clip shows an adorable dog sitting calmly on a raised platform outside the temple. As devotees began to come outside the temple in a row the dog raises its paws and shakes hand with a woman and after the woman was gone it again raises its paw asking for a handshake which amuses the passersby people.

Video Credit: Facebook @Arun Limadia

The other video is even more hilarious  as it is seen that when a devotee folds his hands and bows down in front of the dog, it raises its paw and gently places it on the head of the man like its giving the man some blessings. Amused by the dogs antics the man places a little peck on the dog’s head.

Video Credit: Facebook @Arun Limadia

The video was widely circulated in the social media platform and already gained more than 16,000 likes, 1,200 commented and 27,000 shares.

The users loved the cute dog in the video.

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