Watch: A Herd of Buffalo fighting with lioness to get their calf back

There are a ton of videos online showcasing predators hunting for their prey. However, sometimes they fail to hunt as the animal being hunt shows bravery and manages to escape. In the light of it a clip of a Buffalo herd fighting with a lioness to save their calf is going viral on the Internet.

In the video, a lioness can be seen taking away a buffalo calf as its prey. Its herd suddenly came to its rescue and started scaring the lioness away. Although, they themselves can be seen scared of the canine and weren’t able to go closer to her, the calm however, kept fighting for its life as it used all its force to not get dragged by the lioness.

After a few seconds, the lioness’ hold gets weaken and the calf slips away from her mouth. Meanwhile, its mother and the rest of the herd chased her away.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by the page ‘beauty.wildlifee’ and received over 30k views.

Watch Video Here:

Lion video

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