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Watch: 91-year old Cute grandpa’s text to single granddaughter goes viral


A grandpa is the one with silver in his hair and gold in his heart. They are cute and their love is never-ending for their grandchildren. A video of a 91-year-old grandpa’s text to his granddaughter has gone viral.

Grandpa’s single granddaughter, Megan Elizabeth has shared a series of text messages in a video format. In the 49-sec video, her 91-year-old grandfather sent her hilarious but cute messages and of course filled with love.

In the text, Megan’s grandpa is warning her about something he read in the news.

The text in the video reads, “This is grandpa. I read an article that said if you do not find a life partner by 29 you most likely die alone. Your birthday is coming up in 3 months. Just wanted to let you know.” The text is cute right!

In reply to grandpa’s text, she just texted back  “Thanks.”

Another text reads, “Megan, this is grandpa. I hope you are keeping the weight you lost off. Remember, heart disease runs in our family.”

In response, Megan texted “Yes. I am. Thank you and love you,”

In a third message, grandpa conveyed his concerns over her alcohol consumption. He said, “I hope you aren’t drinking a lot. I saw on the news alcohol sales are sky-high because millennials are depressed. Love you always, Grandpa.”

She replied “Thanks, grandpa. I am okay.”

This message in the video is really cute and touching. One can clearly see how grandpa lover her granddaughter so much.

The video has melted the hearts of netizens and they loved the relationship Meghan shares with her grandfather.

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