Watch: 8 year old Chinese boy made to watch TV all night for watching too much TV!

To punish their eight-year-old son for watching too much television, a Chinese couple forced the kid to watch television all night.

Parents discipline their children and teach them important life values in a variety of ways. However, one Chinese couple’s idea of discipline has raised a few eyebrows on the internet. To punish their eight-year-old son for watching too much television, the couple, who clearly believe in tough-love, forced the kid to watch television all night.

According to reports, the incident happened in Hunan Province of central China. The boy in question is eight-year-old. He was left alone at home while his parents went out and was asked to finish his homework and go to bed by 8:30 PM. However, the child had not heeded his parents’ words and when they returned they found that he was still watching television. He had not completed his homework either. The boy hurried into bed when his parents returned.

His parents were, however, upset with him for not obeying them. As a punishment they decided that he would continue watching TV all night long. Even when he had gone to bed his parents dragged him out and made him sit and watch TV. They took turns to keep an eye on him as well to ensure that he does not fall asleep.

Watch the viral video of the boy forced to watch television all night here:

It is evident from the video that while the boy was okay in the beginning and seemed quite comfortable, as time progressed he got sleepier. He even tried to fall asleep on the couch but his parents ensured that he stayed up. He pleaded with his parents to let him fall asleep but they did not allow him to do so.

According to reports, he was not allowed to fall asleep till 5 AM!

After the CCTV footage of this incident went viral, it has sparked a debate among netizens about if the parenting style was too harsh.

A social media user agreed with this style saying that his son’s enthusiasm for fast food was gone after eating burgers and chicken for three days straight. Other people have pointed out this was a problematic solution as this might develop a habit in the boy to stay up all night.

The mother gave a clarification saying that tough parenting has always worked best for her child.

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