26-year-old gifts a Mercedes-Benz to his father, video viral

Every parent’s dream is to see their kids grow financially stable. But when kids make sure that their stability includes their parent’s pride and joy, that’s when a parent feel truly successful.

In a similar light of events, A 26-year-old boy from Hyderabad has made his father proud with an unexpected that he brought from his hard earned money. He bought a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class to surprise his father on his birthday. A YouTube channel named Tamanna Lohith, who happens to be the son, uploaded a video that showcases the whole episode of the young boy gifting his father the luxurious car.

The video begins with Lohith bringing his father to society’s building car parking area. He had his father’s eyes shut with his hands all the way to the parking lot. After reaching to the spot Lohith removes his hands from his father’s eyes and his father can be seen taken aback by the surprise. Although the parked car was covered with a yellow-coloured cover and the brand was not yet revealed, the fact that the son bought his father a car as a gift, was in itself a huge surprise for him.

Further in the video, Lohith can be seen lifting off the covers from the parked car, unveiling a dark blue-coloured Mercedes Benz CLA 200d. On seeing the father his father wore a huge smile of joy, while his mother can be seen welling up out of happiness. The video ends with Lohith driving the CLA with his family members.

The diesel-powered version of the four-door coupe is no longer on sale in India. After the BS6 emission norms kicked in the country the Mercedes Benz CLA was replaced with the new A-Class sedan. Therefore, reports suggests that the CLA 200d gifted by Lohith to his father is from the used car market.

Watch Video Here:

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  1. murali says

    He wants his father to go broke

    1. Hamza Mohmood says

      Ur jealous of him

  2. Likhitha says

    Parents have made him study well and become a better person… Now it’s his time to give it back to parents. Some parents don’t even let kids complete studies properly and then they cry my son didn’t do this or that lol. Deserving parents get the best.

  3. damn boi says

    its sad that his father was more interested in the balloons

  4. Gadgada O says

    Which bank did he rob to gift such expensive Mercedes at the age of 26??

  5. Richard Tan says

    If this young man and his family are living in Singapore, he probably can only use the same amount of money to buy his father an electric bicycle… Lol..

  6. Richard Tan says

    If this young man n his family are living in Singapore, he can only afford to buy his father an electric bicycle… Lol.

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