WATCH: 16 feet long python spotted crawling across roof, Internet shocked

Experts say that carpet pythons can easily scale up trees due to the evenly distributed muscles in their body. Watch the viral video here.

In a rather horrifying incident, a visual of a 16 feet long python has surfaced online. The video shows a giant snake crawling across a roof, into a tree. The incident took place in Australia.

The family who spotted the snake and recorded its video were left in a state of shock. The viral footage shows the 5 metre long snake crawling across a family’s home in Queensland, making its escape into the tress from the roof.

Reportedly, the other family had just sat down for lunch when they spotted the giant snake. In the video, one woman could be heard saying, “They are freaky, aren’t they?” Furthermore, the cries of a child could be heard after the reptile turned its head towards the onlookers.

Earlier comments from snake experts suggest that carpet pythons like this one can easily scale up trees due to the evenly distributed muscles in their body. These muscles help them hold their bodies straight.

Carpet pythons have around 80 to 100 small teeth. This suggests that one large carpet python can prove to be dangerous if it gets a hold of someone. Experts even suggest that it is not really uncommon to see these snakes move in such a way.

If these snakes are seen crawling up and across trees, it means that they are hunting a bird or trying to save themselves from getting hunted. The video of the 16 feet long python crawling across a roof was shared on X (formerly Twitter). Since being shared, the video has garnered more than 150k views and has left the internet stunned.

Take a look:

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