Want your Honeymoon in the sky inside an airplane? This company providing facility: Check

Honeymoon is the biggest happiest moment for many couples and thus they want to enjoy it in a special way. We have heard of people enjoying their honeymoon in far countries and sometimes in unique ways.

In this context couples will be thrilled to know that a company has launched a ‘Royal’ Honeymoom service lately in which couples can enjoy honeymoon in the sky inside an airplane along with royal service.

A company named Love Cloud Jet Charter has reportedly launched the special honeymoon tour package in the US. The charge for one such honeymoon trip is 995 US dollars that equals Rs 73 thousand rupees. This trip will be of 45 minutes. After two minutes from takeoff of the plane the couple can remove their seatbelt and start enjoying. However, if you want to spend more time you are required to pay more US dollar that is more than Rs 1 lakh INR, to get the facility for about one and half hours.

A queen bed is available in the aircraft where the couple can enjoy. And you don’t need to worry about privacy because this airplane has been divided into two parts in the cockpit the pilot will be there who can’t enter the backpart of the plane that is meant for the couple as there is no such entry arrangement in the plane. It is a single pilot plane and six people.

The plane’s pilot, Anthony Black, also known as Captain Tony, says I can’t get out of the cockpit, I like sex, but I like flying even more, reported English Newstracklive.

As per the company so far many elderly people have taken this facility apart from newly married couples.

Love Cloud and its flights have been providing such type of unique facilities around Nevada for nearly seven years.

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