Viral video: Two women engage in violent fight during sale in Bengaluru

In a viral video from Bengaluru, two women started slapping and pulling one another's hair over a saree during a sale.

With the prices of goods going high every day, ‘bargaining’ and ‘sale’ are the only two words that can save us from going broke while trying to make a living. Although, it is hard to cut off much price from food and living costs, at least wearing a fine garment can be bought at heavily discounted prices, isn’t it? After watching this video, your views might differ a little. The now-viral clip shows two women engaging in a violent scuffle in order to get their hands on their chosen saree during a sale.

Reportedly, the video is from an annual sale held in Bengaluru, where two women can be seen slapping each other and pulling one another’s hair.

A huge crowd was gathered to avail the huge discounts on Mysore silk sarees. Amid the chaos, a fight broke out between two women over a saree. Neither of them was ready to let go of the six-yard fabric and ended up engaged in a nasty fight. Bystanders tried to stop them, and at the end of the clip, even cops can be seen trying to pacify them.

The caption of the video reads, “Mysore silk saree yearly sale @Malleshwaram .. two customers fighting over a saree.”

So far, the clip has garnered more than 144k views and the number keeps increasing. One user wrote, “I feel all the women who fight to buy in such damaged sarees are tailors or fashion designers, who can stitch readymade garments and sell them at a good profit. So, all effort to make some money.”

Another comment read, “I like the ones who are shopping without even turning their heads to see what’s happening ….. oblivious of the ruckus.”

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