Viral video: Two kid’s energetic dance moves to Nepali song impresses netizens

A clip of a little girl and a little boy's energetic dance performance has gone viral and has left the Internet awestruck

The Internet is filled with amazing content; while some have the ability to make us cry, some leave us rolling on the floor laughing. Especially dance videos have taken over all social media platforms and they seem to be on the trend. Now, a clip of a little girl and a little boy’s energetic dance performance has gone viral and has left the Internet awestruck.

Shared on Instagram by ‘everythingaboutnepal’ on May 10, the post features two kids dancing their hearts out to the famous Nepali song Panche Baja. The caption read, “Watch as these little dancers groove to the infectious rhythm of Panche Baja!”

Among the two rock stars, the little girl definitely stole the show. Dressed in a pretty pink lehenga, she hooked viewers with her electrifying energy and unstoppable enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, the little boy donned a white kurta-pajama and perfectly synchronized his steps with the girl. Impressed by the duo’s performance, Internet users filled the comment section with praises for the kids.

However, some also pointed out that such moves are inappropriate for children that young.

One person wrote, “Protect her at all cost” and another comment read, “Maabaap ismei apni izzat samjhte hai .baachi aese ghatiya dance step kar rahi hi (Parents find pride in it as the girl is performing such rubbish dance).”

A third user wrote in her support, “She can dance however she wants, make faces that she wants to, and move the way that brings her joy! YOU GUYS IN THE COMMENTS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS JUDGING HER! That kid is happy doing that and she’s damn good at it!”

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