Viral video: Snake in woman’s ear stuns internet!

The world is filled with things that are capable of surprising us and shaking us to the core. Some things are wholesome, some are scary, and some are plain disturbing. These things always manage to pique our interest, and visuals of theses incidents are always fascinating. Recently, a rather scary video has surfaced on the internet and has stunned netizens, where a snake was seen stuck inside a woman’s ear.

In the video, a small yellow and black snake can be seen stuck inside a lady’s left ear. A medical professional can be seen trying to take the snake out with the help of forceps. However, the reptile keeps opening its mouth whenever it is touched, making the process of removal much more complicated. The doctor proceed to use some sort of a solution to make the extraction of the snake easier, but to no avail.

It is ultimately not clear whether the attempt to remove the snake was successful or not.

Many people have commented on the video questioning its authenticity.

A short clip from the video was shared by a twitter user, Sofiulla.

The original video that is 3 minutes 49 seconds long was shared by a Facebook user called Chandan Singh.

Watch the original video on Facebook here.

There are multiple comments on the post saying that the video is not authentic and has been doctored. People have demanded that the complete video be uploaded to prove the authenticity. Some people have also wondered why the snake is not being pulled out by the doctored when the woman does not seem to be experiencing any pain. Other people have expressed their concern and have admitted that it seems like a very scary thing to go through.

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