Viral video shows girl hanging dangerously from edge of a building to short reel, People enraged

A video of a girl hanging dangerously from the edge of a building to shoot an Instagram reel has sparked outrage on social media platforms. The stunt of the girl risking her life just for a video has infuriated many social media users who urged the police to take action against the teens in order to warn others to not follow in their footsteps.

The short video has gone viral on X. The clip shows the young girl hanging from the edge of a building sorts while another boy held onto her hand from the top. Meanwhile, another person shoots the video.

The building which appears to be a fort and seems to be on a hill. The video was reportedly shot in Pune. Though, there was no unfortunate accident and the girl was safe at the end. But, it does not eliminate the possibility of a tragedy.

Watch the video here:

The social media users were enraged after seeing the reckless behaviour of the teens and tagged police officials in the comments section, urging them to take action.
One user wrote, “Please look into this. It’s absolutely dangerous and a tragedy waiting to happen,” a comment reads. Also, this: “They must be jailed to set an example for others. What is this obsession for fake likes and popularity on social media?”

Angry comments flooded the post: “Even in movies where such scenes are shown, they use VFX. Major movie stars use harness. Who are these dumb people and why aren’t they arrested yet?”
Such reckless behaviour, driven by the pursuit of online attention, underscores the urgent need for responsible social media use and the importance of prioritising safety over viral fame.

Now-a-days, some people were seen trying on dangerous acts such as dancing on tall trees to get some likes and views on social media platforms, which is extremely dangerous, and should not be performed without proper measures and in absence of professionals.

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