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Viral video shows amazing sight of 2 swans helping ducks and geese to swim through frozen lake

Animals often amaze us with their level of understanding and adorable actions. Such a video of two swans breaking the ice to make way for ducks and geese to swim easily is going viral on the Internet.

In the 19-seconds-clip a pair of swan can be seen breaking the ice with their feet so that ducks and geese could swim easily. A group of ducks and geese followed the pair of swans until they crossed over to the frozen shore.

A Twitter account named Yog posted the video with the caption, “Swan pair breaks up ice for ducks and geese to swim through frozen lake.”

So far the video has garnered more than 231k views and several comments from Twitteratis expressing their amazement over the nature’s amazing bounty.

One person wrote, “If only humans could help out people who are not the same race as well as animals help those of a different species” and another comment read, “We have much to learn from nature. Hopefully we pay attention before it’s too late.”

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