Viral Video: Porcupine outsmarts leopard with its quill

In the now-viral video, a porcupine's quill can be seen outsmarting a leopard while it tries to eat the small creature

One of the Jungle’s best-known rules for survival is “kill or be killed..” Predators are constantly on the hunt, making it hard for the small animals to fight for their lives.

In order to survive, these vulnerable creatures have developed their own defense mechanisms. While some of these have learned to camouflage, others have the ability to climb tall trees.

Porcupine, however, comes with an extraordinaire surviving technique. They are born with sharp quills on their back, sides, and tails that help them escape predators. These quills lie flat until the porcupine feels threatened, at which point they open up as a formidable deterrent against predators.

A video that has now gone viral, depicts the perfect example of a porcupine’s defense mechanism. The clip shows a leopard attempting to hunt a porcupine at night while the creature strategically positions itself in a way that its quills always face the leopard. It is when the feline gets frustrated by the failed attempts, it tries to grab the small animal.

Eventually, the leopard gets defeated as one of the quills gets stuck in its jaws.

Watch Video Here:

The video was shared on Twitter by an account named @Terrifying Nature with the caption, “Leopard tries to eat a Porcupine.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed more than 88k views and tons of comments. “Leopard was close to becoming a vegan,” wrote one user and another commented, “A very ambitious leopard.”

A third comment read, “Lessons were learned” and a fourth person wrote, “It poked around and found out.”

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