Viral Video Of Woman Screaming “Bhaiya Dheere Chalayo” While Paragliding Has The Internet In Splits

In 2019, a video of a man screaming in fear and telling to land him while paragliding in Manali was widely circulated through internet, now a similar video of a woman has gone viral on social media.

The video was shared by a travel agency named Incredible Himalaya, where a woman was seen screaming and crying in fright while paragliding in Himachal Pradesh.

In the video, the woman was so scared that she is screaming her lungs out and asking them to go slow “Bhaiyaa dheree chalayo” and to drop her off.

Meanwhile, the paragliding guide tries to calm down the frightened woman by pacifying her and asks to look around the scenery but the woman is so scared that she refuses to open her eyes and keeps them shut through out the whole journey. She keeps screaming and requested to the guide to keep it steady (“Hilao matt”), “Mujhe neeche utaar do, please” and asks them to drop her off ( “ Mujhe utar do please”).

The netizens were amused by the girl’s antics in the viral video and posted many funny comments.

The video was shot in Khajjiar town of Himachal Pradesh.

“Another legendary paragliding video from Khajjiar! She is Didi of that Land Karade Guy, it seems,” wrote ‘Incredible Himalaya’ while sharing the video.

Here is the video:

This video has reminded people of Vipin Sahu, who became an internet sensation in 2019 after his paragliding clip from went viral, in which he requested the guide, saying, “Land kara de (Please drop me).”


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